Our key concept of ethical social network

Ethical Social Network promotes reasonable behaviors of all social media actors, and particularly of social networks. Thus, we propose the concept of ethical social network.

What is a social network?

A social network is an internet application which permits many people under a pseudonym or under their real name to regularly share data, pictures, videos, texts, with some associated rights (right to read, to share, to save) and accept that the social network company use their data.

What is an ethical social network?

A social network is regarded as ethical when it allows reasonable behaviors of users and of the social network provider.
To be considered as ethical, it needs to allow each user:

  • to access his data when he wants, for example to reuse them on another social network,
  • to be sure that his data are not modified by accident or by someone else,
  • to choose the recipients of his data, who may be people with their real name or under a pseudonym, or the general public,
  • to decide what the recipients have the right to do with his data:
    • right to watch,
    • right to modify,
    • right to listen to,
    • right to read,
    • right to publish.
  • The software of the social network must be Free Software too. This software doesn’t contain “hidden function”. The user can modify it and choose the social network version that suits him.